Polyamorous dating atlanta

———————————————————— Dear Relationship Equality Foundation, I’ve always been a big supporter of Atlanta Poly Weekend.

My first year attending, a presenter cancelled at the last minute and I volunteered to step in and do my Online Dating presentation.

In that spirit, a number of polyamorists agreed to share with me the following pieces of wisdom and advice for those who might be considering "going poly," or those of you who are just curious about the practice. Put aside notions of fringe-living religious zealots and commune dwellers: Most poly people are otherwise ordinary Americans who raise families, pay mortgages, and go about their daily routines just like everybody else.

If anything, poly people tend to skew a little more intellectual — or "dorky," as one thirty-something biologist describes his poly circle of friends.

I'm fascinated by conservatives' obsession that we're all ugly. The first is that it's simply projection: to cultural conservatives the subject is gross, so they see everyone in it through gross-colored glasses.

But I lean to another theory: The only people who conservatives routinely see openly acknowledging their sexuality are strippers and porn stars.

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"[Another person] may give [him] something that I'm simply not willing to do. We've been conditioned to believe that if you sleep with somebody [other than your spouse], that's adultery.

What all truly polyamorous arrangements have in common — and what makes them distinct from secretive infidelity or "cheating" — is a defining characteristic of the practice: transparency.

Polyamorists believe that their relationships can thrive only in an environment of complete honesty.

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), it was tough having a camera crew follow them all around the house for two days. Billy writes this morning, They came and spent 36 hours with us.

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