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Truebiscuit: Alt Right boat protesting immigrant rescues has to be rescued.. the poor little snowflakes... Darwin award[url= shot in vagina in sex game gone wrong[/url] Apparently, her fantasy was to have a shotgun placed in...

How do improv comedians come up with good one-liners on the fly? August Writer of the Month competition I'm off to Scotland for a few days to watch the tattoo, so I'll be a bit tardy in posting the weekly update this month.

When the man suddenly realised they had both been set up by someone, he aborted the plan, Maidstone Crown Court in Kent heard.

For example at one show they asked audience members to name an animal. Chris Evans Ignoring (as far as possible) the fact that he is an irritating little ginger twat, and trying hard to be impartial, is there anyone here who likes Chris Evan as a presenter, or who thinks he is... I googled a Newsbiscuit article (bake shaming) I wrote last year to show a friend.

The Newport Crown Court heard the case and was provided with proof that the old man was sending explicit messages and pictures to the fake profile of young girls and was trying to lure them for sex.

He arranged a meeting with the girl at a train station and was caught on site by two vigilantes who filmed the encounter.

The court heard that the victim initially bore Berry's "increasingly frenetic and bizarre" behaviour with "a degree of fortitude".

Aggrieved after being "rebuffed" by the victim, Berry resolved to exact some form of "revenge or retribution".

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