Trouble updating wii u

But it runs games that we have downloaded from the e Shop without any problem.I suspect the issue is that the HDD is dying but I'm posting here just in case there's a bug or some troubleshooting step that I haven't thought of. Check if there is game data for breath of the wild on system memory.

When the game loads, he is prompted to do an update, which results in a system error.Nintendo is already on the case, and hopes to have the issues resolved soon.The company apologized for the inconvenience, and advises Wii U owners to simply wait until things have been fixed.Interestingly, we haven’t heard about any problems in North America or Europe yet.Could these issues only be affecting Japan at present? Although I would've be preferred a traditional anime, considering is a Coro Coro, it's fine, and honestly, I still found this oddly amusing.

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